Old Police Station

‘n Belangrike projek is die verkryging en restourasie van die ou polisiekantoor in Van Riebeecklaan. Daar word beoog om dit uiteindelik as ‘n museum vir Alberton in te rig.

This building became the second police station for Alberton, when the first police station, at 9 First Avenue, Alberton North, was outgrown.  The first police station has since been demolished and all that remains are two out-buildings (one corrugated iron and the other a dark clay brick building).  Sergeant De Bruyn was Head of Police from 1915 to 1924.  In 1921 they moved to the second police station. The Alberton Herritage Society are are currently in the process of negotiating with the owner of the property in Van Riebeeck Avenue. We started the process in September/October, 2009. We want to turn it into a museum of all of Alberton’s history, as there are so many schools in this area and no museum for school children to visit. This building was built in 1910 and is a very important building in Alberton history. When a building is over 60 years old, it automatically becomes protected by the South African Heritage Resources Authority (SAHRA). Once the Alberton Heritage Society are leasing the building, they will restore the building as it currently has no plumbing, electric cables or toilet facilities. The building was used as a police station from 1921 to 1965. It was also rented as a residence up until nine years ago, and has since been standing empty. We chose this specific building as it was already empty and if we didn’t step in, it would have gone to ruins. We really want to take this opportunity to save the building and create heritage awareness in the community. Once it is up and running we aim to offer tours for the community. We are a non-profit organisation and want to appeal to people who have interesting stories, photos or objects they want to donate to be used in the museum, to contact us. Any donations would also be much appreciated.

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